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A country bathroom to covet

A country bathroom to covet

July 7, 2011
This summer why not turn your attention to one of the best rooms in your home designed to provide an oasis of comfort and luxury. There are so many styles of bathroom from the barren hotel style to the fluffy period inspired room. One of my favourite looks for a bathroom is a country style bathroom that combines classic design and idyllic features to create the perfect bathroom space.
This comfortable style is warm and inviting and the perfect addition to any home. What’s more, this look will not cost the earth and is achievable on even the modest of budgets as many of the accessories needed are probably to be found throughout your home.
Your bathroom will instantly look fresher and more inviting with the right choice of paint. For a rustic theme, I recommend choosing earthy or bright colours. Crown offers a great selection of greens and browns such as Faithful, Soft Duck Egg or Lunch Date.
Alternatively, add golden or yellow tones to really capture that country feel. Lemon Squash or Wheatgrass from Crown’s range will create an energetic vibe in your bathroom. For a more relaxing and earthy room, the addition of green will create a true country feel. Favourites of mine for a bathroom include Oxygen, Bamboo Leaf and Dragonfly. Colour will set the tone of your room so don’t be afraid to choose a shade you love.
For your bathroom wall and floor tiles I would suggest choosing off-white or beige tiles to complete the country look. I recommend staying away from stark white tiles or accessories as these will offset the balance of the overall design. Try adding a few tiles in the suggested colours at intervals in the pattern to increase the use of colour in the room.
Once your colour scheme is completed, a true country style will be established through your choice of accessories. Aim to achieve an elegantly cluttered look. Choose items from a range of era’s, colours and styles to create a ‘lived-in’ feel.
If your bathroom does not have any already, I would strongly recommend installing shelves. Shelving is not only practical in a bathroom but it will also be essential for displaying your accessories. If possible choose a dark stained wood, the older the better! Use this space to place a variety of jugs and vases. Don’t be afraid to get creative, why not use an old enamel watering can, glass bottles or jars to display flowers and other items.
As this look encompasses organized chaos, there is no need to hide away towels or extra toiletries. Pick your favourite towels and roll them up inside a picnic basket. This will add to the rustic feel of your room. A wicker clothes basket is also an investment as it will add to that earthy quality.
Many people would not even consider placing furniture in a bathroom. A quirky find like a small chair or cabinet from a car boot sale or antique store will be the perfect addition. A small lamp on the cabinet or a selection of candles will serve as the perfect tools to illuminate your bathroom during a relaxing soak in the bath.
Don’t forget to inject texture with your curtains and shower curtain. Consider patterned or gingham styles for a classic country look. If you have painted your bathroom brown or green shades, why not try red or even pink patterns to give your room some pizzazz. Alternatively, green, turquoise or even navy material will work beautifully against a yellow backdrop.
Ultimately your bathroom should be relaxing and inviting. Stick to your chosen colour scheme, but I encourage you to experiment with accessories. An array of personal treasures and traditional artwork will complete your look. An elegant bathroom is really a mark of good taste in a home so I encourage you to enjoy the decorating process!
I hope these tips help you to create a rustic haven in your own home!
Happy decorating,

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