CRAFTED™ by Crown

A luxuriously sumptuous brand new collection by Crown.

Available in flat matt, metallic and suede textured finishes.

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Luxurious Flat Matt Emulsion

A seamless flat matt for a soft, flawless finish

Perfect for interior walls, ceilings and wood. Available in 48 beautiful colours.

Luxurious Suede Textured Matt Emulsion

A unique suede textured matt, for a soft, natural brushed finish

Perfect for interior walls. Available in 6 beautiful colours.

Lustrous Metallic Emulsion

A lustrous metallic, for a stunning shimmering finish

Perfect for interior walls and wood. Available in 8 beautiful colours.

Real Paint Swatches

100% accurate for true colour testing

Find the perfect colours for your home and easily match with other walls, furniture, fixtures and fittings.