How to paint your radiators

Painting radiators can help to make them a feature of the room, or blend them into the background. This video will guide you through how to paint a radiator.

Make sure the radiator is switched off and allowed to cool before you get to work. Place a dust sheet on the floor and slide paper or card between the radiator and the wall. Now sponge down the surface with warm water and mild detergent before leaving to dry.

Look for any paint designed for wood or metal such as gloss, satin or eggshell.

For best results, a radiator should be painted in a specific order. Using the edge of a 2 inch brush, paint the edges first, before moving onto the face. On the front, work in small sections, start with the mouldings, painting the top, and then bottom before bringing the two together.

When the mouldings are done, paint the bottom and top edges in long sweeping movements. Carry on across the radiator in a similar manner, slightly overlapping the previously painted section. Make sure you paint into the previous section to help give an even finish.