How to Prepare a Kitchen for Painting

Joanne Condon shares with you how to prepare and prime your kitchen cabinets for painting. She covers things like how to clean your cabinets, repair damaged MDF to help you paint your own kitchen at home.

Here is a list of timestamps so that you can navigate through with ease. 

0.02 The kitchen before painting 
1.16 Removing cabinet doors 
1.49 Preparing the top cabinets for white paint
2.56 How to clean your kitchen cabinets 
3.30 How to sand the surface for painting 
6.12 Removing the dust 
7.27 How to Prime 
10.55 Scratch test to ensure adhesion 
11.16 Preparing the bottom cabinets for a deep colour
12.11 Cleaning hard to remove grime. 
14.47 Repairing MDF 
17.40 Preparing kitchen cabinets