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On a planet buzzing with technology and everyone connected to the world and their Auntie “twenty four seven”.


On a planet buzzing with technology and everyone connected to the world and their Auntie “twenty four seven”, Crown Paints suggest we all need to take a little time to think afresh and take some "me time" and there's no better time than Spring, the season of new beginnings to do it.  So why not make that new start now and disconnect, relax and unwind in a chilled out bedroom, freshly decorated in this season’s most fashionable colours.

Suggestive of much more simple times, soft, playful pastels and nature inspired neutrals are at the core of our spring palette. Using clever combinations you can create a unique, yet totally tranquil escape from the hustle bustle around you.

Dream Time: 

Inspired by warm, tactile stone and natural minerals, this serene and relaxing space is easily achievable with some colour know-how. Use an inky colour like Night Fever in an alcove to accentuate favourite art or ornaments. Pair it with a warm tone grey like Cloud Burst and complement with textured accessories. Now just wait for nightfall and curl up with a good book in your own natural cocoon.


For a sophisticated take on traditional pastels, that simply breathes air into a room, try combining textures and strong angular shapes. Breaking up wall space adds a whole new dimension and suggests expanse, while making us think in different ways, which is relaxing in itself. Here we’ve used Seldom as a back drop with accent shapes in Honey Fever, Winterbloom and Lunch Date.

Pared back:

Uncluttered and airy, classic Powder Blue coupled with Cream White adds, both, a sense of space and serenity to this bedroom. Keeping accessories and furnishings to a minimum makes the room less busy and more relaxing. A perfect room to unwind in, any time of the day.

So there’s no excuse. Kick off your shoes, switch off your phone and let the world get on with its business while you chill out.

For more inspiration on Spring Summer Trends and much more from Crown Paints,  visit our YouTube channel or try out our colour ranges in your own home with our free MyRoomPainter app.


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