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Two of a Kind: Space-saving design ideas for couples

We've asked our design experts for their advice when it comes to creating practical and comfortable interiors for two.

Congratulations! Moving in with your partner is always an exciting time, and a big step in every relationship. However, combining your lives means combining all your things, and unfortunately, that can leave precious space to a minimum. Thankfully, we've asked our design experts for their advice when it comes to creating practical and comfortable interiors for two. The following suggestions will help ensure a smooth transition into your new arrangement, and a less stressful situation for each cohabitant. 

“Decluttering and eliminating all non-essentials will leave more room for what’s important.”

The first step in space-saving is getting rid of anything you and/or your partner don’t truly need. This includes toiletries, clothing, furniture, utensils—basically everything. Allot some time to sort through your items and purge yourself of the unnecessary. Donate unwanted articles or sell them and use the money for your next date night or holiday! Make a pact to keep areas clean and clear going forward.

“Using wall space (when possible) is a great way to create more room.”

Decorating upward (instead of outward) will allow for more space on the ground for you and your partner to enjoy. Install shelves as an alternative to four-legged tables, nightstands, armoires, vanities, etc. Use these to store personal items, books, clothes and shoes—whatever you want!

A lofted bed is a wise space-saving option.”

Lofting your bed drastically (if not completely) diminishes the spacial impact it has on your bedroom. A lofted bed will leave plenty of room underneath it for storage, and depending on the height it’s lofted to, can even house furniture. Items such as a desk, TV, couch, vanity, and/or lounging chairs can fit nicely into the area below your bed. 

“Incorporating dual-purpose furniture means you’ll need less of it.”

We all have to multitask—so why shouldn’t your furniture? Look for pieces that can be used for multiple things, such as tables that double as storage or couches that pull out into beds. Assign pieces within your home two purposes: use your desk as a nightstand, storage chests as chairs, etc

“Light colours will make your home appear more spacious than it is.”

While dark colours enclose (and can make smaller areas seem claustrophobic), lighter colours will open up your home. Whites, beiges and light greys are always a safe bet when it comes to visually enlarging a space. Talk to your partner and decide on a mutually-appealing shade, and then set aside a weekend to spend some quality time painting your new home. The whole experience could be—dare we say it—romantic!

You and your partner are about to embark on a fun new adventure that will undoubtedly come with its ups and downs. However, the above recommendations from our professionals will help ensure the whole experience is much more fab than drab. For even more expert advice, call into your local Crown Paints stockist or visit us on the web. Good luck, enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day from the folks at Crown.