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Ciara Daly’s Home Office Makeover

Due to the pandemic many of us are working from home recently, and this change has helped us realise the importance of having a dedicated space for completing our daily tasks. When it comes to a home office, you want something that is clean and soothing, with an atmosphere that makes it as easy as possible to focus on whatever it is you may be doing at any given time.

We were recently blown away by a home office that checked all the boxes for us—the gorgeous space created by Ciara Daly of MCP Interiors that is not only stylish, but considered. From the neutral walls in softly contrasting shades and warm lighting through to the vibrant greenery and the desk that looks like it was just made for this exact room—Ciara’s office creation is certainly a treat to behold. And we love a jute rug! This office was designed by Ciara for her lovely mother, so it is particularly special.

We reached out to Ciara to learn more about her fabulous project. Read on to find out what she had to say!

Crown: How would you describe your design style?

Ciara: My style is really a mix, I love deep dark colours but also neutrals. I go from using blacks with contrasting golds to soft neutrals with wood and rattan elements. I really adapt the style to suite the project. I work as a visual merchandiser in EZ Living so being able to adapt a certain style to a piece of furniture is what I do best.


Photo: Before

Crown: What Crown colour(s) did you use and where/on which areas of your room?

Ciara: Snowdrop and my favourite, On the rocks. Snowdrop was used above the paneling and

On the rocks used all the way down to the skirting boards door and door frame.

Painting the skirting/ door frame and door is a new trend that is giving rooms this dramatic effect. I found in this space it worked really well and gave the room its signature look.


Crown: What formula did you use?

Ciara: I used matt emulsion in both colours. 


Photos: After

Crown: What inspired you to choose the colour(s) you did?

Ciara: I wanted the home office to be a natural calming space, I personaly love deep colours, however keeping the office bright and airy was a must!  I fell in love with On the Rocks’ deep tone and paired it with Snowdrop. Pairing light neutrals and dark neutrals create a dramatic contrast and I wanted the paneling to be the focal point of the room.

The box room is a small awkward space, so paneling brought the eye up giving the illusion of a bigger space and a higher ceiling.

These small tricks can work wonders in transforming small spaces.


Crown: How did you find the paint to work with?

Ciara: I love working with Crown paint, it is always my go to from upcycling furniture to transforming rooms, I find the choice of coulour’s and quality of the paint amazing.

When growing up my mother would always tell me to always use a quality paint and brush and it will do the hard work for you!


Crown: How do you like your new space?

Ciara: This home office transformation was for my very hard working mother who like many of us had to work from home. She loves it ! This unused, unloved ,spare room has turned into a busy spot and she often finds my brother using it to study. It has turned out just how we wanted it to.



Crown: Any other thoughts/details you’d like to share about your project?

Ciara: With this space being very minimal and knowing not much furniture was going to be in the room, I made a plan to really let the walls impact the space. The paneling painted in contrasting neutrals really distracts from the bare furnishings. The desk being the main focal point really gives this room its purpose leaving no distracts.

The soft colours, jute rug and natural wood elements soften the dramatics of the colour contrast and adding a plant to soften the space.


Many thanks to Ciara for sharing her process with us! Be sure to follow Ciara on Instagram at @M.C.P.Interiors. Find your nearest Crown Paints stockist here.