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How to use colour to enhance your mood at home

When it comes to enhancing the atmosphere of our homes, colour is an invaluable tool given its ability to influence mood, emotions, and even our well-being. The strategic use of colour in our living spaces can transform the ordinary into something truly extraordinary, enhancing our environments in profound ways.

The following blog covers how you can harness the power of different colours in order to impact your mood at home, helping guarantee a space that not only looks beautiful but feels wonderful.


Create a calming space with shades of blue: Incorporating shades of blue into your home will help you cultivate a serene and tranquil environment. Blue, with its inherent calming effect, is reminiscent of both the sea and sky, promoting a sense of peace and stability. Consider painting your walls with soft blue tones that reflect natural light, creating an airy and peaceful ambiance. Blue works especially well in bedrooms, living rooms, and anywhere you might want to relax and unwind. We love the shades Open Water, Curiosity, and Feeling Free for a soft, mid-tone blue that will instantly help you feel at peace.


Uplift a room (and your mood!) with sunny yellow: Using shades of yellow in your home decor will help infuse your space with a sense of happiness and vibrancy. Often associated with the brightness of the sun, yellow brings an uplifting energy that will invigorate any room. To harness this cheerful vibe, consider painting a feature wall in a sunny yellow to serve as an instant mood booster. We recommend our shades Happy Daze, Mustard Jar, and Overjoyed. Incorporating yellow accessories like cushions, vases, or even kitchenware can sprinkle joy throughout your home without overwhelming it. The key is to balance the intensity of yellow with neutral tones or softer colours to ensure the space remains harmonious and inviting.


Energise any space with a robust red: Using red in interior design demands a careful balance due to its boldness and energy. To introduce a sense of passion and warmth without overwhelming your interiors, consider an accent wall or a sprinkling of red accents like pillows, rugs, or statement furniture pieces. This approach adds vibrancy and personality in moderation. Pairing red with neutral colours or soft textures ensures the space remains inviting. Skilfully applied, red can transform a room into a lively, welcoming environment with just the right touch of drama. For a gorgeous red, check out our shades Velvetine and Tufted Kilim.


Bring the beauty of nature indoors with greens: Decorating and painting with shades of green allows you to bring the freshness of nature into your home, creating a space that feels both revitalising and serene. From the soft hues of sage that enhance a room's calmness to the vibrant tones of emerald that inject life and energy, green can transform any space into a natural sanctuary. Consider painting walls in a soothing green to serve as a beautiful backdrop for your room while enhancing your connection to the outdoors. The versatility of green allows it to pair beautifully with a wide range of colors, from earthy neutrals to bold accents, enabling a customisable palette!


Balance your room with neutrals: Balancing a room with neutral paint colours will help create an elegant, timeless atmosphere that serves as the perfect canvas for your personal style to shine. Neutral colours, such as soft beiges, warm greys, and off-whites, offer a subtle backdrop that enhances natural light and makes spaces appear larger and more open. Incorporating materials like wood, metal, or stone can introduce texture and warmth, ensuring the space feels grounded and cohesive. Accents in bolder colours or patterns can then be added as focal points, bringing vibrancy to the room without detracting from its serene base. Browse our wide range of neutral paints here.


The use of colour in home decor is a powerful tool in creating a space that not only reflects your personality but also enhances your mood and overall well-being. By understanding the emotional impact of different hues and how to use them to your advantage, you can transform your home into a sanctuary that nurtures and uplifts! For everything you need for your next project, call into your local Crown Paints stockist.