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Spring trends for 2024

With the chill of winter behind us, we’re embracing the vibrance of spring. This season is all about fresh starts, and it presents the perfect opportunity for a reawakening when it comes to your interior décor. Below, we’ll explore our top five trends for the season ahead and how we’re incorporating them into our homes.

Maximalism: More is more this spring, with maximalism challenging the minimalist trend of past years. This means mixing patterns, textures, and colours for a rich, layered look that’s full of personality. Maximalism urges us to explore the depths of our personal style and to boldly display our individuality through our surroundings. Colour plays a crucial role in maximalism, with palettes that are not just diverse but often daring. Vivid hues sit alongside pastels in unexpected combinations, creating spaces that are vibrant and dynamic.


Playing with textures: The use of diverse textures in interior design is on the rise. From chunky knits and velvet to rattan and bouclé, textural elements add interest to spaces. These textural elements, when layered together, create a depth that can't be achieved through colour or pattern alone. They add a dimension of warmth and comfort, turning stark spaces into cosy retreats. The play on textures engages the senses, making the experience of a room as much about how it feels as how it looks.


Incorporating sustainable materials: From fashion to furniture, there's a growing preference for eco-friendly materials such as recycled fabrics, bamboo, and reclaimed wood, reflecting a broader commitment to environmental responsibility. Bamboo, a fast-growing and sustainable resource, offers a versatile and strong alternative for everything from flooring to decorative items, while reclaimed wood breathes new life into old materials, each piece telling a story of its past while reducing the need for new timber.


Earthy tones with pops of bold colour: While earthy tones like olive green, burnt orange, and terracotta provide a grounded feeling, incorporating bursts of bright colours like neon pink and electric blue is a great idea in order to add excitement and contrast. This colour strategy will not only enrich the aesthetic appeal of a space but also bring personality and unique flair into your home. We recommend shades such as Earth Balance, Rustic Twine, Winter Cherry (above), and Forest Vista.


Vintage touches: This spring, nostalgia takes centre stage, infusing both fashion and home decor with vintage and retro vibes. There's a resurgence of interest in design elements from bygone eras, and in design we can see this in the sleek lines of mid-century modern furniture, which brings a timeless elegance and simplicity to living spaces. When it comes to colour, the vibrant and earthy 70s colour palettes are also making a return, introducing a sense of warmth and retro chic to interiors. For a vintage look in the home, we recommend our shades Mustard Field, Cushion Craze, Tufted Kilim, and Go Green. This blend of nostalgia and modernity creates a unique aesthetic that is both familiar and refreshingly new, offering a comforting escape into the past while staying grounded in the present.

As spring 2024 unfolds, it invites us to create spaces and styles that resonate deeply with our individuality and aspirations. Let this season be a canvas for personal expression, embracing the vibrant trends that promise to refresh, renew, and revitalise our environments. Call into your local Crown Paints Stockist for everything you need to get started on your next decorating project!