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New Year, New Palette

Our Top Paint Colours for 2024

With the arrival of the New Year, it's an ideal opportunity to spend some time to invigorate our living spaces with shades that mirror current trends and design influences. Whether you’ll be undertaking a complete renovation or a modest room update, selecting the perfect paint shades is key to achieving the look and feel you want. The following blog explores some of the hottest colours of 2024 and our expert tips on how you can incorporate them seamlessly within your home.

Dusty Blue: Shades of blue are popular this year, charming homeowners and designers alike with their timeless elegance and versatility. Sophisticated dusty blue hues strike the perfect balance between calming and captivating, making them ideal for creating serene and inviting spaces. The subtle undertones of grey add depth and sophistication, while its softer, muted appearance effortlessly complements a variety of decor styles, from modern to traditional. Whether used as a wall or as an accent hue in furniture and accessories, dusty blue injects a sense of tranquility and refinement into any space, making it a standout choice for the year ahead. Try our shades Feeling Free, Curiousity, and Scrapbook to get the look.

Pops of red: Incorporating pops of red into your décor is a great way to infuse spaces with energy, warmth, and vibrancy. Bold reds demand attention, making them ideal for creating focal points or highlighting certain features. They’re fabulous at bringing visual intrigue to neutral or monochromatic interiors. Whether used subtly in accessories such as cushions, rugs, or artwork, or showcased more prominently in furniture or paint, pops of red will ignite feelings of passion and excitement. Red’s sensory-stimulating qualities are also known to inspire lively conversation, making it a wise choice for social spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, and other areas of entertainment. Our shades Velvetine and Tufted Kilim are perfect for this trend.


Pastel Green: Pastel green is making waves as a popular paint colour choice for 2024 due to its calming and revitalising characteristics. This gentle shade creates an atmosphere of tranquility and balance, making it perfect for crafting peaceful spaces that feel fresh and comfortable. With hints of blue and yellow, pastel green adds depth and interest, while its light and airy appearance instantly brightens and opens up any room. This soothing shade brings a touch of the outdoors inside, fostering a sense of serenity and renewal. It works beautifully in any room of the house—and perfect for spaces where you want to feel grounded. Check out our shades Revival, Mellow Sage, and Spice Rack.

Soft Terracotta: Soft Terracotta is a comforting departure from conventional neutrals, enveloping your living space in an atmosphere of warmth and cosiness. This understated hue harmonises seamlessly with organic materials such as wood and stone, creating a rustic yet polished ambiance that’s especially ideal for contemporary farmhouse or bohemian-inspired decor. Don't hesitate to mix Soft Terracotta shades with bolder accent colours like deep navy or rich burgundy for added visual interest and contrast.


Moody Charcoal: Elevate your space with Moody Charcoal, an impactful hue that brings depth and refinement to any room. This classic, sophisticated colour complements a wide range of palettes, from gentle pastels to vibrant jewel tones, making it an extremely versatile choice for contemporary interiors. Incorporate Moody Charcoals to create an intimate ambiance in dining areas or bedrooms, or incorporate it as an accent colour in minimalist settings for a hint of intrigue. Try our shades Leatherbound, Work of Art, or Roof Top.

The start of a New Year is the perfect time to breathe new life into your home with a fresh coat of paint in one of the above trending shades. Whatever your preferences, there's a shade to suit every style. So why wait? Call into your local Crown Paints stockist for everything you need for your next painting project!