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The millennial pink colour trend and how to do it right

There’s no denying that millennial pink is the colour of the moment. This appealingly rosy tone, and variations of it, has bewitched the hearts of millennials and non-millennials alike, finding its way into clothing, accessories, furniture, and design. We can certainly understand what all the fuss is about, and wouldn’t mind seeing even more of this beautifully blushing shade within our home.

The following post provides some inspiration on how you can easily achieve that magical, millennial pink glow throughout your interiors. It’s time to start feeling fabulous!

Get a fluffy millennial pink rug, blanket or pillow: Millennial pink perfectly lends itself to soft textures, so it’s great for use in pillows, rugs, and blankets. The colour, when combined with plush fabrics, will add a whimsical vibe to a space.

Make millennial pink frames: For those who want a subtler inclusion of this popular colour, paint ordinary picture frames millennial pink and display them throughout your home. Using different shapes and varying sizes will help intensify the look. This shade looks particularly lovely when combined with black and white photos! 

Paint a room (or wall) millennial pink: Crown “Fairy Dust” instantly brightens a room with its cheerful tone of millennial pink.  Other rosy shades like this, or more dusky blush tones like “Pashmina” or “Crème de la Rose”, look fabulous throughout homes—whether it be in the bathroom, bedroom, dining room, hallway or living room. You know you want to do it…….. 

Keep things extra-fresh with millennial pink planters: Your plants deserve some lovin’ too. Flowers and greenery become even more enticing when you give their homes a pop of colour. Instead of the ordinary, terra-cotta-type shades, upgrade your planters with—you guessed it—pink! 

Invest in a millennial pink couch or chair: Could there be anything more luxurious than relaxing on a plush piece of pink furniture? Incorporate classic elegance while staying right on-trend with a couch or chair in this vibrant colour. Not only will this make an excellent feature within a room—it will provide a super-stylish lounging option, made all the more comfortable by its alluring shade.

Try millennial pink table settings at your next dinner party: Show all your friends just how hip you are when you create a tablescape fit for a princess! Whether it be the placemats, the chargers, the plates and/or the napkins (or maybe all of the above!), you’ll create a fun ambiance guests will surely enjoy. 

Give your wooden table(s) an upgrade with a coat of millennial pink: A table is just a table—until it becomes a millennial pink masterpiece! Make your end table, coffee table or dining table everything it should be (and more!) when you paint it this pleasant colour. Don’t forget to finish with a vase full of freshly-cut flowers sitting atop it—talk about glam!

Are you seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses just yet? If you’re feeling inspired by this trend, call into your local crown paints stockist to help you sort out what you’ll need to get started. You can also always visit us on the web for even more expert advice and information on our quality range of products.