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Achieve a spooky elegance with these Halloween inspired design ideas

October has arrived, and chances are you’re gearing up for the scariest day of the year. While you’re planning your fabulous costume and daydreaming of all the sweets you’ll be enjoying, we suggest that you also consider your interiors. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to have some festive fun in your home, and this post will help you do so with ease.

The following ideas will help you add an understated elegance to your Halloween décor.

Black candles: The 31st of October calls to mind all things dark and mysterious. Candles are a great way to create a timely ambiance, and black candles are especially appropriate. Go for large black taper holders (with black tapers) for an elegant (and spooky!) glow.


Gilded pumpkins: Pumpkins are the ideal seasonal prop, and they receive an instant glam upgrade with some metallic paint. Gold and silver pumpkins are simple to make and will add some bewitching sparkle to your space. Simply purchase paint or spray paint in your desired colour(s) and cover the pumpkins. Voila!

Tangled spider webs: When it comes to interior decorating, it’s all about the details. Webbing provides that extra bit of festive flair that will set your home apart. Create spider webs in corners, across windows, over the ceiling or crawling up the walls. Webs will add pizazz without overwhelming your space.


Monochrome paint: Black and white is one of our favourite paint palettes anytime of the year, but especially in the run up to Halloween. This versatile look complements a wide variety of décor, and will look fabulous with your Halloween displays. Furthermore, it’s the epitome of chic.

Mirrors: Mirrors, mirrors on the wall (or table!) will amplify your festive look. Opt for antique, ornately-styled mirrors to create an “abandoned haunted house” type of feel. These will also beautifully reflect the candles you light, giving off a perfect Halloween glow.


Eerie arrangements: We’re used to vases filled with lush blooms, but this Halloween, opt for a more chilling display. Think of haunted forests, and bunch spindly branches together alongside overgrown vines and sharp leaves. For added starkness, cover these elements in black paint.

Your home will shine (and, of course, SCARE!) with the above ideas. Getting into the festive spirit doesn’t have to mean gaudy decorations. For more expert style advice and help with achieving your design dreams, call into your local Crown Paints stockist or visit us on the web