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Shelf care: Organising in style

Shelves— where would we be without them? Whether displaying your book collection, housing your kitchen wares, or safely storing your most precious possessions, shelves are necessities when it comes to your interiors. However, shelves can be just as stylish as they are useful— it all boils down to the way they’re designed. The following article provides some top tips to help you get the most from your shelves, and even turn them into a fabulous feature in any room!


Make your shelf pop with colour: Turn your shelf into a vibrant perch by painting it a fun colour. This is an especially great way to liven up a neutral room. Keep things fresh with bright colours such as  blue, red, green, yellow, and pink. This makes for a quick and easy weekend project that’ll have tremendous impact. When deciding which colour to paint it, consider your wall colour and opt for a complementary shade!



Say goodbye to linear: Add interest to your shelf by experimenting with different arrangements. A common misconception is that shelves need to be uniform in order to look good. Instead, try adding objects of different heights, colours, and textures to your shelf to make it truly stand out. For example, if you’re storing books, add plants or other accessories here and there to break up the monotony. Also try storing books horizontally or angling them for a different look.



Accessorise like a pro: Shelves should be looked at as more than just handy organizers— they should also be viewed as pedestals for interesting objects and art. Accessorise your shelves by adding things like vases, plants, sculptures, framed photos, artwork, and candles to the mix. These will help make your shelves into much more than just a storage area.



Experiment with floating shelves: We all know the traditional bookshelves and storage shelves—and we love them when they’re done right—but there are plenty of other appealing shelves to try that are just as useful. For instance, liven up any wall easily with floating shelves. These can be purchased from any home store and installed in under 20 mins. Floating shelves can be used in place of artwork to add interest to a space, or installed strategically to house any necessities you may like to have nearby. We highly recommend these for a quick way to spruce up your walls!

Shelves have become staples in our homes for their practicality and simplicity. However, they can offer much more in the way of décor if they’re thoughtfully presented. For more expert decorating tips, visit us
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