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How to make your kitchen look larger

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, which means it’s not only responsible for many important tasks, it’s also where family and friends often find themselves congregating. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that a large kitchen is a good thing. More space means more room for cooking, relaxing, and enjoying the company of loved ones.

Thankfully, there are ways to make your kitchen look and feel larger even if you’re cramped for space. The following post will tell you how.



1. Choose white paint, or another light colour: White reflects light, so it will help your kitchen to feel brighter and more open. Dark colours, which absorb light, have the tendency to make a space feel closed in and even claustrophobic when they’re not used under the right circumstances.


2. Hang a large mirror on a prominent kitchen wall: Mirrors will reflect the image of your kitchen, making it look like an extension of the space. A large mirror will not only become a chic feature in your kitchen, it will help retain the continuity of the room.



3. Keep things monotone where possible: Just like your walls, your cabinets, counters, and floors should be light in colour wherever possible. This also goes for things such as refrigerators, stoves, and radiators. This uniformity will help ensure your kitchen doesn’t look closed-off or divided, thus making it feel larger.


4. If you have to have pattern, try stripes: While some patterns have the tendency to close in an area and make it feel crowded, stripes can have the opposite effect when incorporated correctly. Use vertical stripes to lengthen the look of walls and windows, making the ceilings in your house appear higher. On the other hand, you can use horizontal stripes to widen an area. Try these on curtains or painted directly onto a feature wall.



5. Opt for stainless steel when choosing your fixtures: Stainless steel is a shiny, reflective surface that won’t interfere with the natural flow of the room. The material is unobtrusive and will therefore keep with the airy and light vibe you’re going for.


6. Reduce clutter: The more objects you have within a space, the more cramped it will feel. Decluttering your counters and shelves will immediately make your kitchen feel larger and lighter. While kitchen accessories are fun to buy and play with, if you have a smaller kitchen it’s best to leave the bulk of these accessories confined to your closed cabinets.



7. Let as much light in as possible: Once again, the lighter your kitchen, the roomier it will feel. While paint colours are great for helping with this lightness, Mother Nature’s light should always be encouraged. To help with this, keep window fixtures to a minimum and find a new home for windowsill accessories.


With the above tips, you can enjoy the feeling of a large kitchen regardless of your kitchen’s size. For more pro decorating tips, call into your local Crown Paints stockist or visit us on the web.