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Chic and professional design inspo for your home office

Whether you’re working remotely for a living or simply want a designated workspace, your office is an important aspect of your home. Home offices should be professional and provide an efficient working environment for those that are using the space. Around 216,000 people in Ireland alone choose to work from home, a number that steadily increases year to year. A well-designed home office has never been more important, and the following article will provide expert advice on how to make your work space work best for you.


1. Keep clutter at bay with smart storage solutions: Working in clutter is never a good idea, and it can severely hinder productivity. A clean and clear workspace is best, and that means using optimised storage solutions. This could include shelf units, boxes, chests, and multi-purpose furniture. The most important, however, is tidy desk. 


2. Invest in a comfortable and classic chair: If you work from home, chances are you’ll spend the majority of your days at your desk. It is therefore vital that your chair is as comfortable as possible, and provides your core with the support it needs. However, just because comfort is a must doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate style as well. Look for a sturdy chair with classic lines that matches your office style and is built to last for years to come.



3. Paint your office a colour that will help your mood: There’s plenty of scientific evidence on the powerful affects that colours have on the brain. For example, red is stimulating and exciting while orange is comforting and fun. When it comes to offices, however, we like the following shades:


Blue: Blue is a calming colour that represents trust, loyalty, and logic. It is a great colour to use in offices where extreme focus is necessary as it will help increase concentration. Try our shades in Attingham Blue, Velvet Evening, or Tempest Blue.


Green: Green is most commonly found in nature, and therefore the colour has a harmonious and balancing affect. As the easiest colour on the eyes, green is a wise choice for offices where people work long hours or want to combat stress. Try our shades in Mellow Sage or Opal Silk.


Yellow: Yellow is a happy and optimistic colour which helps to stimulate creativity. As such, the shade works well if you want your office to convey confidence and friendliness. Try our shades in Sunrise or Pale Gold.


Grey: Grey is one of our favourite neutrals, and can work well (when done right!) in any area or the home. In your office, it is especially nice for a minimalistic look that will provide the perfect foundation for a successful work day. Try our shades in Grey Putty  or Pencil Point.


4. Hang meaningful art pieces: Is there a painting you love? A print you admire? Perhaps you want to surround yourself with photos of people that mean the most to you? Whatever your tastes, it’s important that your office reflects who you are, and displaying meaningful photos or art will help accomplish this. You want to make your office a place where you’d like to spend time, so these personal touches will go a long way in creating that. 



5. Place plants in your office: Indoor plants help to clean the air around you so that you can breathe easier and stay healthier. Plants will also bring you closer to nature, and therefore they offer a soothing affect that will be very beneficial in a work environment. Additionally, as design elements, they help to liven up a space and they work beautifully with any style.


 Ready to get to work on creating your dream work space? Call into your local Crown Paints stockist or visit us on the web for more expert advice and design inspiration.