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How to feng shui your bedroom

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese belief that the way your house is built or the way that you arrange objects affects your success, health, and happiness. There have long been those who are skeptical as to if feng shui is effective. Whether or not you believe that the practice can help you, we still think that feng shui offers some interesting insight to design.

The following article will provide tips on how you can incorporate feng shui into your bedroom. Will it lead to a better night’s sleep? Will it change your life? Who knows—but maybe it’s worth a shot!


1. Put the head of your bed against a wall and make sure your bed isn’t aligned with a door: If you’re interested in practicing feng shui in your bedroom, one of the essential things to do is position your bed (ideally complete with a solid headboard!) against a wall. This creates a more protected, less-exposed space for you to rest your head. Additionally, it’s important to ensure your bed isn’t aligned with the door as this can disrupt the energy flow within your room.


2. Say goodbye your electronics and your desk: Your bedroom should be a space you retreat to in order to relax and unwind. It should be your personal sanctuary. In order to achieve total tranquility, feng shui teaches that we should illuminate any distractions that could hinder our quest for a perfect night’s sleep. This includes electronics (TVs, Computers, phones and tablets) and anything else that could cause us stress (such as your desk, which might remind you of work). In short, your bedroom should be used for sleep and nothing else.


3. Choose joyful artwork and natural wall colours: Your art should perpetuate the emotions that you wish to experience within your life. This means that your art should be happy and nourishing, nothing scary or controversial. After all, you’ll be seeing these images right when you wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed at night. You want to start and end your day in the best way possible, and choosing pieces that will uplift your spirit will help you to do that.

When it comes to the colours of your walls, look to mother nature for inspiration. Neutral, nature tones such as light browns, creams and beiges will create a clean and relaxing vibe. We love our colours Soft Linen and Ivory Cream for accomplishing this.


4. Don’t choose an overly large bedroom: Many people find it hard to sleep in a bedroom that’s too spacious. A smaller, more enclosed bedroom will make you feel protected and create a cosier vibe for your space. In addition to staying away from larger bedrooms, when you’re ready to sleep, make sure to shut all doors and windows. According to feng shui, this will help enclose your energy and keep any negative energy from infiltrating your space while you sleep.


5. Don’t hang anything over your bed: If you have something hanging directly over your bed while you sleep, you may run the risk of not feeling as safe as you should be. It’s human instinct to be wary of things that may harm us, and large chandeliers, shelves, and other fixtures have the potential to create unease. Instead, keep the area above your bed completely free and clear of obstructions for more security and a more restful night’s sleep!

Are you ready to try feng shui in your home? Start with a solid foundation and call into your local Crown Paints Stockist to find the paint colour that’s right for you. You can also visit us on the web for more inspiration!