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Light and breezy summer sunroom inspiration

Gorgeous sunrooms and conservatories seem to be all the rage these days, and it’s not hard to see why. These sunny spaces are fabulous additions to your home and provide the perfect space to read, write, paint, dine, host, take a cat nap, or simply relax and daydream. The way you design your conservatory, like all elements of your home, will depend on your personal sense of style. The possibilities are endless, but we thought you may want to look at the following examples for some inspiration.


1. Create a stylish dining area with a view: We love the unique decor of this conservatory, and the stunning design itself! The large skylight window bathes the room in light and gives a gorgeous view of the sun or the stars, depending on the time of day. The large surrounding windows, framed with a sophisticated grey trim, can be opened to create a gorgeous al fresco feeling, and the curtains can be closed as needed to create the ideal lighting. When it comes to the furnishings, we love the bold rug, the rustic wooden table, the eclectic mismatched chairs, the opulent chandelier, and—of course— that gorgeous pop of pink!

2. Go light: We love that this conservatory is simple and clean-cut, working with gorgeous natural materials that are perfectly incorporated into the surrounding environs. The light walls brighten up the space even more, and the overhead lighting creates the perfect soft glow, whatever the time of day. The natural wood shelves and bench are the perfect colours to keep the room as fresh and as airy as possible. We can just envision opening those doors and welcoming the warm summer breezes!

3. Incorporate natural elements: we love the idea of your conservatory blending into the environment around it. Almost like a covered extension of your outdoor garden. This room seems to do that perfectly! The green potted plants bring Mother Nature into the space, and the gorgeous greenery that’s been hung from the overhead chandelier looks delicate and fit for a magical woodland oasis. The walls are the perfect shade of natural green— not too dark, not too light. When it comes to furnishings, the decorator has gone with earthy tones that are the perfect complement to the rest of the room.

4. Opt for modern: This modern sunroom looks Miami-chic, and we like it! Maybe you’re looking for something that really stands out or perhaps you just just like clean and crisp lines. If so, this sunroom’s for you! With its eye-catching white colour and boxy design, this sunny delight may be on the smaller side—but it certainly packs a punch! 

5. Create a colourful nook: We love how this conservatory has maximised its capacity by adding bench seating. This is an excellent use of space, and it definitely looks like the perfect room for hosting dinner parties or other gatherings. What’s more, the decorator has accessorised with brightly coloured pillows, offering both comfort and aesthetic appeal. The vibrant shades of pink, yellow, blue and orange really perk up the room and add a dash of fun.


Are you feeling inspired by the gorgeous sunrooms above? A beautiful room begins with a great foundation. Call into your local Crown Paints stockists to find your perfect shade of paint, or visit us on the web for more inspiration.