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Priming your wooden furniture for painting

We’re soaking up the very last of the fairer weather and trying to make the most of the nice days. One of the things we like to do (and recommend doing) in the open air is painting wooden furniture. Obviously this is a project best undertaken on a day when it’s not likely to rain, and doing so also offers a level of safety when it comes to some of the fumes you might be dealing with. The good news is that prepping and painting your wooden furniture is simple and quick! We have a variety of wooden paints available, and using our Colourmix service you can choose from thousands of shades in our interior wood formula.

The following article will cover how to prep your wooden furniture for painting.

1. Start with sanding: While some products may promise no sanding necessary, we always recommend you sand your wooden items as step one. You only need a very light abrasion and we generally like using a P180 or a P240 sandpaper for your standard items, or a lower grit sandpaper for furnishings which already have a layer of varnish and may need a bit of extra power. Sand in the direction of the grain in order to ensure as little marking as possible. Remove imperfections on the surface. You obviously don’t want to damage the surface, just simply create some texture so that the primer has something to adhere to.



2. Dust off your item: You’ll create some dust with your sanding, which is another reason we like to do this in the great outdoors! Once you’re done with the sanding you’ll want to take a brush (ideally) or a rag (in a pinch) and brush across the grain, as well as up and down. This may seem time consuming but being thorough now will pay off in the long run.



3. Wipe gently with a damp cloth to clean: Use a lightly damp rag or a tack cloth (definitely don’t use kitchen roll!), to remove any loose residue from your furniture. You can also use a mild cleanser such as sugar soap to degrease the surface, which will increase adhesion. This will also serve to clear any remaining dust that accumulated from sanding. Let dry.



4.  Prime: You’re ready to prime! There are plenty of great priming options at your available and follow the instructions on your primer for specific application tips! We love the Crown Trade Grip Extreme fast-drying primer.



5. Paint your wood: Once your wooden furniture is primed and dry, you’re ready to decorate with the paint of your choice! Our Quick Drying Wood and Metal paints are touch-dry in just one hour and come in satin or gloss finishes. These are available in thousands of shades via our Colourmix service. Follow with a top coat finish things off.