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Winter 2020 Design Trends

We’re well into November, and December is just around the corner. With the chillier weather and darker days, we’re loving keeping cosy and warm indoors. This past year has seen everyone spending more time at home, and it’s become even clearer just how important it is to have a safe sanctuary.

While we all have different styles, here are some of the Winter 2020 design trends we’ll be enjoying within our spaces over the next few months, and beyond!

1. Spice shades: We love the richness of gorgeous spice shades, which will bring comfort to your space (something we all need a bit of right now!). These earthy tones (cinnamon, caramel, honey, terracotta, etc) are beautiful choices for adding warmth to your home and will work seamlessly with a variety of different design styles. Layer spice shades to add depth to your space (like a warm embrace).


2. Cane furniture: Cane furniture seems to be everywhere these days and we are liking it! Cane furniture has been around for centuries, and is made by essentially weaving split canes together and stretching that mesh over a framework, usually a wooden chair or table. We love cane furniture for giving your home a classic vintage look, but this style can also be contemporary depending on the way it’s incorporated.


3.  Natural colours and prints: With so many of us turning to nature for our entertainment during this past year, it’s no surprise that more and more people are wanting to bring the beautiful outdoors inside with colours and patterns reminiscent of a walk in the woods. Floral and leaf patterns are great ways to incorporate this trend, and so is the use of greens and soft browns within your colour palette. Our MoodBoards colour collection is sure to have something for everyone when it comes to nature-inspired shades! Don’t forget to add some plants to your rooms for extra impact.


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4. Grandmillennial: The Grandmillenial trend, often referred to as “granny chic” combines vintage/traditional decor with modern elements for a stylish look with an ode to the past. Think floral patterns, wicker (and the aforementioned cane furniture!), ruffles, bows, and scallops, mixed with some modern shapes, prints and/or contemporary accessories. You’re also likely seeing much more wallpaper these days, which we think is a great way to bring more interest to a space (especially when it complements a gorgeous paint colour).


5. Dark kitchens and bathrooms: We’re also seeing a lot more people opt for darker shades when it comes to their kitchens and/or bathrooms. While dark shades can tend to make your space feel smaller, they’re also a great way to create a cosy feeling that’s especially nice for winter. Take the plunge with black or choose a dark green, red, or blue if you want something that’s not as dramatic (but still packs a punch!).

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