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Decorating Ideas for a Nautical Inspired Room

Creating a nautical-inspired room is a wonderful way to bring the charm of the coast into your home. With its refreshing colour palette, natural textures, and maritime motifs, this style evokes a sense of tranquility as well as adventure. In the following post, we’ll be exploring some decorating ideas to help you transform any space into a coastal oasis.

Welcome the Coastal Colour Palette: When choosing the colour palette for your space, opt for hues that mimic the sea, sand and sky, such as shades of blue, crisp whites, and earthy neutrals. For blues, we love the shades Light Breeze, Open Water, and Into the Blue. We recommend painting your walls a light blue shade to create a serene backdrop. For whites, try Sail White, Chalky White, and Cotton Cloth. When it comes to sandy neutrals, our shades Natural Look, Delicate Touch, and Organic Cloth will do the trick. Use accessories to add pops of colour (pillows, rugs, and artwork are great for this). Be sure to keep the overall colour scheme fresh, light, and airy to capture the essence of the seaside.


Bring in Natural Elements: To enhance the whole nautical theme, incorporate natural elements that are reminiscent of a sunny day spent at the beach. Woven rattan furniture or accents like baskets can introduce some gorgeous coastal texture while adding depth to the room. Use driftwood or weathered wooden furniture to add a rustic charm to the space. Consider installing bamboo blinds or sheer curtains to allow natural light to flood your home, evoking a breezy seaside atmosphere and filling your interiors with beautiful summertime light. Objects such as seashells, coral, clam shells, pebbles, beach glass and maritime-inspired artwork can also be displayed on shelves or as wall hangings to complete the coastal look.


Anchor the Room with Nautical Accessories: Accessories are crucial when putting together a nautical-themed room. Charity and antique shops are great places to look for authentic pieces. Choose pieces that evoke the nautical spirit and add personal touches. For example, hang a collection of framed vintage maps or nautical charts to add a unique feature. Or display glass jars filled with sand and seashells on shelves or tables.


Choose the right furniture: Elevate your room’s aesthetic with furniture that complements the theme. Look for pieces that feature clean lines in colours reminiscent of a coastal cottage—Like whites, blues, and pops of red. Our Quick Drying Wood and Metal paints are great for rejuvenating wooden or metal surfaces. These are available in satin or gloss finishes and are touch dry in just one hour!

A nautical space will bring the charm of the coast into your home with style. By following the tips above, you’ll be able to create a breezy and relaxed nautical oasis with ease. For more decorating advice and design inspiration, visit us online or call into your local Crown Paints Stockist.